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SJCA Connect: Better Advice and Deeper Connections

SJCA Connect is a virtual community for SJCA members to create quick and productive connections with their cultural community colleagues. Backed by the social science principles and extensive research, SJCA Connect is designed to foster generosity, gratitude, and deep connection within SJCA’s member community, through the asking for and giving of help. SJCA Connect utilizes the Givitas platform, to build a community unlike any other. A kinder, more generous, inclusive network where everyone has equal access to the collective intelligence of SJCA’s extensive member & partner network.

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How SJCA Connect Works

Using the SJCA Connect community, you can seek advice, resources, and information from cultural colleagues. All requests will be shared with the group, helping to build a sense of belonging and connection between SJCA members and the wider cultural community.

  1. Sign Up and Log In to SJCA Connect:
    SJCA Connect is powered by Givitas. Click the Join button above to register with your email address, Google, or LinkedIn. Contact with questions.

  2. Ask For and Give Help:
    There is no limit to what you can ask for - advice, resources, technical assistance, networking, and more! Pay it forward by helping other members when you can.

  3. Establish Community Connections:
    Connections made through the exchange of help create deep, meaningful relationships that help you build a personal network you can tap into in the future.

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Meaningful Connections

Hear first-hand from our members about the power of SJCA Connect.

Givitas has been a great way for me to connect with and meet creative enterprises in the South Jersey area.

-Danielle Cartier, Artist

Using Givitas has been a quick and easy way to tap into the SJCA artist community. I’ve received several responses to my request and made positive connections.

-Chanelle René, Artist and Curator

The Givitas platform is such a brilliant concept! It has allowed me to connect to others in the South Jersey region who work in the arts. And through these connections, I’ve found new venues for my art-filled vending machines, the Dope Art Mini Marts! @dope_art_mini_mart. Thank you to the SJCA for making this possible!

-Terina Nicole, Designer, Instructor, Creative Entrepreneur