Connection. Collaboration. Community.

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Connection. Collaboration. Community.

Welcome to the South Jersey Cultural Alliance (SJCA) Virtual Connection Hub!

We understand the importance of connection. Whether it is a pandemic, workload, or spread-out geography that keeps us apart, being DISCONNECTED is a DISADVANTAGE to South Jersey. That's why SJCA created a dynamic online member community, just for you!!

SJCA's virtual connection hub is designed to help ALL South Jersey artists, cultural organizations, performers, and others working in the field to get informed, get engaged, and get connected to the resources and collaborative opportunities they need to thrive. SJCA members can connect with colleagues and partners across the field to, build partnerships, increase capacity, access funding, expand their audience, gain promotional opportunities, and so much more!

The virtual connection hub also features messaging functions that enable SJCA members to find and directly engage with colleagues across the field right through the platform. No more scouring the internet searching for email addresses - just send a direct message and get connected!

Join us now and take advantage of SJCA's Virtual Connection Hub and all the opportunities that await you as an SJCA member! If you have any questions, please reach out to us at


Start Connecting!

Follow these easy steps to

  1. Log into the SJCA Online Community

  2. Review and update yourmember record and image library.

  3. Explore the online community! Updates, events, discussion forums, direct messaging, mini-surveys, digital resources, and engagement activities, and so much more!

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Meaningful Connections

Hear first-hand from our members about the power of SJCA Connect.

SJCA has been a great way for me to connect with and meet creative enterprises in the South Jersey area.

-Danielle Cartier, Artist

SJCA has been a quick and easy way to tap into the South Jersey artist community. I’ve received several responses to my request and made positive connections.

-Chanelle René, Artist and Curator

SJCA has allowed me to connect to others in the South Jersey region who work in the arts. And through these connections, I’ve found new venues for my art-filled vending machines, the Dope Art Mini Marts! @dope_art_mini_mart. Thank you to the SJCA for making this possible!

-Terina Nicole, Designer, Instructor, Creative Entrepreneur