Millville Airport, 1 Leddon Street Millville, NJ 08332

The Millville Army Air Field Museum (MAAFM) preserves the history of the Millville Army Air Field, which was dedicated by the U.S. War Department in 1941 as “America’s First Defense Airport.” The museum’s mission is to recognize the WWII aviation history that took place at the base where 10,000 men including 1,500 pilots trained. The museum commemorates all aspects of American aviation history, documents and honors the lives of American veterans, acts as   of historic buildings and structures of the WWII period that exist on site, honors and promotes the invaluable role of the P-47 Thunderbolt pursuit/fighter plane and its pilots during the war, as well as serves to accrue, research, preserve, display and educate with collections of valuable historic materials.

Member Spotlight
Get ready to take flight in a WWII warbird! The museum will host vintage B-17,
B-24 and B-25 bombers along with a P-52 Mustang and P-40 Warhawk at Millville Executive Airport on August 28, 29 and 30, 2019. The planes, coming from the Collings Foundation as part of their Wings of Freedom Tour, are available for viewing and/or rides. Contact the MAAFM for more information — (856) 327-2347.

Cultural Education at the Millville Army Air Field Museum
Programs that educate, enlighten and honor are presented on a regular basis at
the museum. The annual Veterans Appreciation Day commemorative event allows students to dress in WWII-period garb and interact with area veterans on Veterans Day Weekend. The museum displays feature WWII veteran oral history video clips that are both interesting and informative. The museum’s historic complex features large colorful murals that tell the history of the air field during WWII.

Individual and Group Tours at the Millville Army Air Field Museum
Tours of the Millville Army Air Field Museum give you or your group an opportunity to experience in an exciting way the local history that impacted national events. You will see and touch valuable artifacts unique to the nation’s First Defense Airport, stand at the foot of the original base flagpole, and look out at the runways where P-47 Thunderbolt fighter pilots flew and crews trained. Guides are often WWII veterans and local volunteers who offer unique tours and a wealth of valuable information.

Group tours are available for students and civic organizations. Call the
museum to schedule a visit

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