Absecon Lighthouse

Historic Site



Cultural Education at the Lighthouse

Educational programs offered include “See the Light – Sailors, Seafood & Lifesaving”, a standards-based experiential learning program for the 4th Grade and “Keeper Sleeper”, a sleepover program for youth groups. Tours & Exhibits for grades K-12. Teacher Prep Materials are available and programming is core-curriculum-based.

Contact Milton Glenn, miltglenn@abseconlighthouse.org, for more information about educational programming at the Absecon Lighthouse.

Group Tours at the Lighthouse

Group rate with lesson, includes a guided tour of the grounds and museum and an organized climb to the top of the tower. Children $3.50: Adults $4.00

For more information about scheduling a visit to the Lighthouse, contact Jean Muchanic, jean@abseconlighthouse.org.