Brittany Baum



About Brittany Baum

Brittany Anne Baum
Camden County Arts & Culture Connector

Brittany Anne Baum is the Camden County Arts & Culture Connector. Working in conjunction with the Camden County Cultural and Heritage Commission and the Arts At Camden College as a host site, Brittany will connect with Camden County artists, organizations, and businesses while receiving mentorship from SJCA and experts in the field.

Brittany is known for her bold and imaginative paintings of female subjects. She was born in Camden, New Jersey and continues to live and work there. She primarily works with oil paints, pastels, markers, and colored pencils. Her work explores portraits of black women and scenic pieces inspired by vintage editorial works and Afrocentric elements. She has participated in notable exhibitions such as the 215/610 CONTEMPORARY at Delaware County Community College in 2022. She completed a public art installation at the Walter Rand Transportation Center in Camden in 2023.

Artist Statement
Fashion, makeup, sparkly jewelry, cultural adornments and traditions from my African American upbringing are the main focus of my current series of works. My art explores the creation of imaginary female subjects in unique compositions, akin to playing with Barbie’s. Through painting, I delve into the realm of constructing characters, each with their own story and presence, much like the experience of crafting narratives with dolls. By intertwining imagination with visual expression, I aim to challenge perceptions of beauty, identity, and representation, inviting viewers to engage with these constructed realities and perhaps find echoes of their own narratives within these painted worlds.