South Jersey Cultural Asset Mapping Project

The South Jersey Cultural Asset Mapping Project (SJ CAMP) is underway! The data and maps resulting from CAMP will promote the cultural community of South Jersey, increase information flow to and from the sector, measure cultural vitality, inclusion, & equity, and use data/stories as tools for advocacy.

SJ CAMP will be a collaborative process.  We will work with SJCA members, community groups, County Culture & Heritage Commissions, NJ Folklife Centers, and other statewide partners to identify and collect information about South Jersey’s diverse cultural resources.

The resulting data and interactive story maps will serve as an important tool for South Jersey communities better understand the value and impact of their cultural assets, as well as helping to create sustainable, culturally-based solutions to spur economic and community development.

SJ CAMP will be an ongoing project that will grow and evolve based on community expressed needs. Each year, a new area of focus will be highlighted. The scope of  SJ CAMP is huge and the possibilities are endless!

In this first year, we will create a strong foundation upon which to build future maps and data sets by entering the “known data.”  This data includes current SJCA members as well as cultural assets and artists identified through our network of community partners, and organizations such as Sustainable Jersey, county Cultural & Heritage Commissions, South Jersey Folk Life Centers, and through community outreach.

We will also create a directory to highlight underrepresented communities, including Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and Asian artists, arts administrators, cultural leaders, and organizations. By highlighting and connecting these artists and organizations throughout South Jersey, we hope to encourage collaboration across the field, open lines of communication, and improve access to funding in support of our diverse and vital cultural assets.

Future year’s focus will be identified through outreach to communities and partners throughout South Jersey and will utilize other datasets such as economic, demographic, and funding information that will help showcase and measure the vitality of our region’s diverse cultural sector and create a more equitable flow of resources and information to the South Jersey cultural community.

Now that you understand what SJ CAMP is, we can talk about our progress so far!  We are in the early planning stages of the project and have partnered with Rowan University’s Department of Geography, Planning, and Sustainability to provide technical advice and consult. Their expertise will be an invaluable asset to the project.

We’ve also formed a CAMP Committee comprised of South Jersey cultural leaders, artists, and community partners, who have begun meeting routinely as a (virtual) group to keep the project on track.

A diverse set of interns have also been selected to assist with research, outreach, data collection, and creating interactive story maps. They will bring both technical skills and a broadened perspective on the project.

To date, we have more than doubled our database of cultural assets by partnering with Sustainable Jersey, each southern county’s Cultural and Heritage office, the three South Jersey Folklife Centers, and other partners.  Our list of partners and cultural assets continues to grow!

Below you can see the first iteration of the SJ CAMP map!  Clicking on any of the plot points will allow you to identify and get details on each specific cultural asset. Remember, this is a work in progress, so your feedback is needed and appreciated!

Community participation in SJ Camp is vital to its success!  Want to get involved? Have more questions? Contact Karen Pinzolo, Executive Director, or Julie Hain, Director, Membership and Programs.

If you are an artist or cultural organization or know of a cultural asset, artist, community group, or cultural leader that should be included in SJ CAMP, click the button below to provide their information to SJCA and we will reach out for additional information to complete a cultural asset map profile.

Submit a Cultural Asset, Artist, or Cultural Leader to SJ CAMP