Millville Airport, 1 Leddon Street Millville, NJ 08332

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Get ready to take flight as the renowned U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels squadron headlines the Millville Army Air Field Museum’s annual Wheels and Wings Air Show on Saturday, May 27th and Sunday, May 28.

Cultural Education at the Millville Army Air Field Museum

Programs that educate and enlighten are presented on a regular basis at the Museum. The annual Veterans Appreciation Day commemorative event allows students to dress in WWII-period garb and interact with area veterans on Veterans Day Weekend. Teacher Prep Materials are available and programming is re-curriculum-based.

Group Tours at the Millville Army Air Field Museum

A tour of the Millville Army Air Field Museum will give your group an opportunity to experience local history in an exciting way. They will get to see and touch artifacts unique to the nation’s First Defense Airport and see the runways where Thunderbolt Fighter pilots and crews were trained. Their guide will be selected from a cadre of local volunteers who may have served here when Millville stood as a bastion of the nation’s defense.