South Jersey Creatives at the Table 

Connect with the creative community and the South Jersey Cultural Alliance at a South Jersey Creatives at the Table session!

Hosted monthly on ZOOM, South Jersey Creatives at the Table sessions allow virtual guests to connect with fellow South Jersey artists, creatives, and cultural community members while they ‘visit’ artist’s studios, participate in art slams & critique sessions, or engage in cultural discussions. Each session is as unique as the featured artist!

Attendees also learn a little about how the South Jersey Cultural Asset Mapping Project (SJ CAMP) is helping artists throughout South Jersey connect with information, resources, and each other. 



South Jersey Creatives at the Table

featuring artist

Pedro Fuller

Thursday, February 18th @ 6 pm

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PEDRO FULLER was born in Managua, Nicaragua in 1961. His love for art manifested itself early on when, as a child, he loved to draw spending all his time drawing maps. At the age of 13 he met a painter who became his art teacher, mentor, and friend. While pursuing his public school education, Pedro began his Fine Arts studies at the Escuela de Bellas Artes.

In 1979, as a result of political unrest, Pedro’s family moved from Nicaragua to the United States, establishing themselves in New Jersey, where Pedro finished High School. After graduating he was accepted at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts where, in 1985, he received his degree in painting.

Speaking about his art, Fuller states, “Every piece I complete expresses something unique. I always give careful consideration to the way color and form work together. I frequently use tropical hues like cadmium red and yellow, olive green and turquoise. I paint mainly with oil and pastels. Some of the themes in my art are spirituality, music, politics, and happiness. Because I value music for its relaxing qualities, there is a visual rhythm in my work through which I try to reach this same calmer, more spiritual place. My own spirituality inspires my paintings of musicians, love and joy. As in any art, I am coming from what I know as well as moving towards the unknown. The creative act itself leads me to a new place where I am reborn on the canvas. I paint because I love to paint and enjoy the pleasure and serenity it gives to others.”

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South Jersey Creatives at the Table

featuring artist

Soraida Martinez

Saturday, January 16th @ 1pm




Soraida Martinez is a South Jersey, visual artist of Puerto Rican descent, known for her contemporary abstract expressionist paintings and social commentary. She is the creator of the art movement, Verdadism, a form of hard-edge abstraction where each painting is accompanied by a written social commentary. Verdadism has influenced a number of contemporary artists and writers and is used by educators to help teach concepts such as diversity and cultural understanding.