Collaboration, representation and shared experience

More than two decades ago, a group of forward-thinking people had a vision for southern New Jersey’s arts, culture and history community. The region was rich in cultural offerings – from museums and living history villages to performing arts venues and educational programs. But each organization was doing its own thing with only casual and informal collaboration.

South Jersey Cultural Alliance was founded to bring these organizations together for mutual benefit. Working under the “big tent” model, SJCA has since grown to over 100 members. Each is unique, providing their own brand of valuable programming.

SJCA’s membership is greater than the sum of its parts. The goal was building a mechanism for exchanging ideas, providing mutual support, learning from the experience of others and representing South Jersey’s arts, culture and history community with one voice to legislators, funders and policymakers.

Today’s SJCA is a dynamic organization, bringing decades of talent, skill and experience under one virtual roof – a key resource that strengthens the nonprofit cultural community with collaboration, training, promotion and overall cross-pollination.

Key milestones

SJCA founded

First SJCA Encore Awards

SJCA Received the Richard J. Hughes Award for outstanding achievement in the field of New Jersey History

SJCA celebrates its 20th anniversary

SJCA moves to Hammonton to be closer to ALL members and begins partnership with Stockton University.

25th Anniversary!

Every year since its founding, SJCA has received the Designation Of Major Impact from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts – recognizing artistic excellence, substantial programming and broad public benefit.

SJCA’s mission

The new mission of SJCA is to strengthen non-profit arts, history and cultural organizations within southern New Jersey’s eight counties through collaborative efforts to build capacity through advocacy, education, technical assistance, marketing, professional and resource development.

SJCA envisions a region where individuals of all ages and backgrounds are engaged and enriched through arts, history and culture, and where communities prosper through a creative economy.

SJCA is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.