A new artistic addition to the Glasstown Arts District has been underway with the creation of the biggest mural Millville has ever seen.

The mural artist, Marcos Monteiro, has been working with locals and business owners to create the larger than life piece that is 90 feet long by 25 feet high and will serve as an entrance into the downtown part of the city.

“We wanted to have a very impactful mural that sort of represented the past, present, and future for the city,” said Heather Santoro, executive director of Holly City Development Corporation.

Monteiro’s concept was based upon a unique layout that incorporated Holly City’s best, the residents. Once chosen, he went to work putting the idea onto the side of a building on N. High Street.

Starting on the left, the mural begins by showing off the past of Millville with glass blowers and Mr. Wheaton.

“It really depicts our history, you can see that in sepia-toned individuals and characters and then there are some real life figures from past history, the present and we don’t know about the future, that’s the youth of the mural,” said Marianne Lods, executive director of the Millville Development Corporation.

At the center, surrounding the signature Millville rose inside a heart paperweight is the Levoy Theater, a boy playing baseball, and a drawing of local artist Pat Witt.

The far right portion of the mural is not quite complete, however, many people are excited about Millville’s newest piece of art.

“People just go by, they beep their horns, they stick their heads out of the window and yell thank you, it’s beautiful,” said Monteiro.

The $40,000 mural was funded through a neighborhood revitalization tax credit. And Lods hopes that this new addition to the city will show that Millville is committed to the arts just as much as bigger cities like Philadelphia.

And after many gallons of paint and even more hours of work, Monteiro expressed his excitement to present the finished product to the community on December 2nd.

“I hope this lasts for many, many years and make a lot of people smile because that’s what it’s all about, that’s what I do for a living and that’s what I love,” said Monteiro.

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