The John F. Scarpa Technical Education Center of Cumberland County celebrated the unveiling of their brand new studio.

SNJ Today was invited along with county officials, students, and staff to the unveiling of the school’s new broadcast studio.

The studio and control room feature state of the art technology and three separate sets for students to get hands-on training in a real-life setting.

“When we did the unveiling for our students we allowed them to take their phones out and shoot pictures and video. Their excitement, and seeing them put it out through social media on Facebook on other avenues,… is really one of the best ways to promote this and really kinda get what we have out to the public,” said Matt Neder, a communications teacher at the technical school

The studio was built by Horizon AVL and will be used by the students in both classes and a student broadcasting club. The school is also working towards a partnership between their broadcasting program and Rowan University.

Source: SNJ Today