The Cultural Access Network Project (CANP) is a program that began in 1992 by the New Jersey State Council of the Arts and New Jersey Theatre Alliance dedicated to ensuring the theatre experience is accessible to all. CANP provides a wealth of services and programs to build NJ theatre and performance organizations facilities in order to increase accessibility to the elderly and people with disabilities.
CANP programs are guided by a volunteer steering committee representing diverse professionals across NJ including arts patrons, state and county officials, arts administrators, and managers from organizations serving people with disabilities.

CANP Resources

1.) Accessibility Calendar

Use a filter to search for arts and culture events in NJ that match your accommodation needs. You can also use this tool to search for a title with a certain keyword or events with a specific start and end date. Reset your search for multiple queries.

2.) Access Thursdays: Roundtable Meetings:

Join colleagues across NJ and NJ Council State of the Arts and NJ Theatre Alliance’s Cultural Access Network Project steering committee online every month to discuss different topics relating to cultural access. Choose to attend “Developing a Sign Language Interpreted Performance/Event Program” , “Designing an Audio Description and Tactile Experience Program” and much more! Click here to register now!

3.) ADA Planning Tool

ADA Planning: Learn about the Americans for Disabilities Act and ways to implement a long term ADA plan for your cultural organization based on ADA recommendations Other workshops will cover developing more accessible programming and services, designing a new marketing strategy aimed at reaching peoples with disabilities , etc. Check out a recording of an ADA Planning Session here!


4.) …and much more!

Please visit the Cultural Access Network Project website for more accessible resources!