The new exhibit features selected stories of the creation of new things in Salem County over our more than three hundred years of history.  Starting with the very first peoples in our area, the Lenni Lenape, the exhibit looks at art, crafts, industry of our region.  Featuring objects such as stone tools, glass and earthenware, paintings and manuscript materials, the exhibit celebrates the creative spirit of Salem County whether for fun or profit.  Highlights include a survey of glass making in the Salem County region, samples from the Society’s extensive Lenni Lenape artifact collection, original manuscript material from local author George Agnew Chamberlain, and memorabilia of the Richman’s Ice Cream Company among many more.

The centerpiece of the exhibit is the Noble Prize awarded to Salem City resident Charles Pedersen in 1987 for his work on methods of synthesizing crown ethers.  The prize represents the height of science and creativity in our area, and the Society would particularly like to thank Shirley and Robert Brooks for the generous loan of the prize.

The exhibit also includes art from the collection of the Society as well as on loan from numerous local artists.  This art includes original paintings, sketches, photography and sculpture from around the county past and present.
The exhibit is open now, and runs through the spring of 2017.  Please come and see it!