The Finalist

SJCA received more than 30 ArtsTank applications. Through a committee evaluation process, five finalists were selected, including the municipalities of Camden, Runnemede, Washington Township, Woodbury, and Ventnor. Read on for brief descriptions of their creative placemaking proposals:


CAMDEN – “Camden Week of Good Vibes,” – The name and purpose are derived from our monthly event called Good Vibes Open Mic created three years ago. During our monthly event, youth and young adults are extended the opportunity to showcase their talent, engage in candid discussions on topics that impact their day-to-day lives and decide on a quarterly civic/community project all in ‘one sitting.’ During Camden Week of Good Vibes, the following community activities will take place: 1) A innovative version of a ‘think tank’ meeting with local high schools engaging in discussions on the community, education, and opportunities for youth for the upcoming town hall meeting (See #4) 2) Community gallery of art created by youth and young adults in the community. Artwork will be displayed at locations around the city (a trail map will be available for residents to view work) 3) A Good Vibes Open Mic event will take place at Parkside Learning Garden open to artists in the city. The theme for this event will be: Love for my City 4) A town hall meeting with youth and young adults presenting ideas and solution-based discussion with government officials, community partners and residents.


RUNNEMEDE – Runnemede believes a mural arts program, using building facades as blank canvases, and local talent for implementation is the perfect way to generate excitement and present a gradual, visual facelift for the Borough of Runnemede. Through a sustained and strategic effort, we can improve the business sector, and community involvement, one “canvas” at a time.


VENTNOR – One of the structural nerve centers in the city of Ventnor is the Ventnor Community Building which houses the library, Cultural Arts Center, Historical Society, and a Community Room which is used for meetings and workshops. Behind the library, facing the ocean is the Community Pollinator Garden, a natural garden, a community project using no pesticides, weed killers, or other chemicals that would interfere with the survival of insects, birds, and other wildlife. Surrounding this space is a 260-foot long by three feet high wall which encloses a walking path and several benches for people to enjoy. The Ventnor Creative Placemaking Project is to create a mosaic for this wall, and we would hire a local artist to develop a mosaic design that showcases various aspects of our community. This design will be created on special backing boards that will be finished in sections before mounted onto the wall. After the design is created, we will hold several events inviting the community and civic groups to work on filling in the mosaic pieces. The school’s art classes will have sections. The Cultural Arts members and families will have sections. All members of the community will have opportunities to participate in assembling of the finished product. Many of the materials such as tile, china, sea glass, ceramic, and mirrors will be donated for use on the project. Instruction on safety and proper methods for cutting, breaking and attaching the pieces will be given at all sessions. This will provide art education to all who take part. As the panels are assembled, grouted and sealed, they will be attached to the wall for permanent display. Smaller mosaic pieces will be used in the garden to label plants and provide information. These will be developed by local youth.


WASHINGTON – Washington Township is undertaking a Creative Placemaking initiative that builds on our existing infrastructure of parkland, schools and the business sector to stimulate arts focus throughout the Township, and boost business linkages with cultural interests. The initiative is led by the Creative Team, a subcommittee of Sustainable Washington Township’s Green Team, in collaboration with the Township’s Economic Development Office; Parks and Recreation in Municipal Services; and business interests represented by the Greater Washington Township Chamber of Commerce. Additional partners include the Washington Township School District (WTSD), the Margaret E. Heggan Free Public Library, the Washington Township Historic Commission, and the Washington Township Rotary. Our initial efforts in plan implementation, called Painting the Town, will focus on the visual arts, and concentrate on representational art including painting, drawing, photography, graphic arts and sculpture. We hope that our model of widespread accessibility to the arts at places familiar to our residents will serve as a model for towns that do not have a distinct arts district.


WOODBURY – The City of Woodbury in unison with the FAF Coalition seeks support for the augmentation of GATHER–a semi-permanent community structure and environment, where community members & organizations can congregate to host events & a multitude of programs inside and outside in the adjacent park-like areas, complete with professional landscaping, art installations, ample lighting, and a structural musical playground. By using arts and culture—through installations, vendor events, and showcases—the purpose of GATHER is to transform a vacant gym and houses into a green space, with covering and multiple areas, for inclusive and exciting community events, which can highlight the City of Woodbury’s inspiration and safety. The ultimate goal is to entice the development and re-imagining of Woodbury’s Main Street while paying homage to its historic place in South Jersey. Supplementary ends to this achievement are to spur an increase in home sales and growing community pride.

About Our Presenting Partners

South Jersey Cultural Alliance

The South Jersey Cultural Alliance (SJCA)is a nonprofit organization serving artists and arts, history and cultural organizations in the eight southern counties of New Jersey. SJCA supports a vital cultural community which, in turn, transforms the southern region’s individuals and communities by improving the quality of life. SJCA provides leadership, networking opportunities, professional development, marketing, advocacy, technical assistance and other resources to over 100 cultural members. SJCA’s programs are sponsored and carried out in partnership with the New Jersey State Council on the Arts.


New Jersey State Council on the Arts

New Jersey State Council on the Arts supports, encourages, and fosters public interest in the arts; enlarges public and private resources devoted to the arts, promotes freedom of expression in the arts; and facilitates the inclusion of art in every public building.  The Council receives direct appropriations from the State of New Jersey through a dedicated, renewable Hotel/Motel Occupancy fee, as well as competitive grants from the National Endowment for the Arts. To learn more about the Council, please visit


Ocean First

The OceanFirst Foundation has been enriching lives since 1996. The foundation takes pride in helping various organizations, including local schools and charities, receive over $37 million in grants to meet community needs. The OceanFirst Foundation has established four core priorities: Housing, Youth Development and Education, Improving the Quality of Life, Health and Wellness, and the Arts.


National Consortium for Creative Placemaking

The National Consortium for Creative Placemaking is a nonprofit that believes creative placemaking can make sustainable, prosperous, equitable, inclusive, and resilient places. NCCP builds connections, capacity, and community in the field. The programs bring people from all walks of life together through webinars, summits, and trainings. NCCP strives to influence the levers of power in communities.


Noyes Museum

The Noyes Museum of Art of Stockton University offers several locations in Southern New Jersey, providing access and support to the arts and artists of the region and beyond. A source of inspiration and enjoyment for enthusiasts of the arts, from residents of the community, students and faculty of the university, to visitors to the shore and Pine Barrens, the Noyes Museum serves the entire South Jersey area.


Stockton University

The Arts and Humanities (ARHU) are thriving at Stockton University! They have a dedicated and accomplished faculty of scholars and artists who love the arts and humanities just as much as you do! The department prides itself on giving students opportunities to expand and apply their knowledge beyond the classroom. Their programs include the Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Communication Studies, Historical Studies, Languages and Culture Studies, Literature, Philosophy and Religion Studies, and American Studies.


Atlantic City Arts Foundation

The mission of the Atlantic City Arts Foundation (ACAF) is to foster an environment where diverse arts and cultural programs enrich the quality of life for residents of and visitors to Atlantic City, New Jersey. The ACAF envisions Atlantic City as a community in which residents, businesses, government, employees, and visitors value arts and culture as a means to stimulate economic development, encourage civic engagement, and promote community well-being.


Promotional Partners